The difference between a winning investment and a losing investment is the quality of your due diligence.

Do you know the right questions to ask?  Do you know where to begin?

ISSAC.AI brings you the kickstart you need to up your due diligence game.

ISSAC.AI gives you access to those insights typically available only to the few who study the details behind successful mergers, acquisitions and investments.

ISSAC.AI gives you clear vision to make better choices.


ISSAC.LITE is designed to provide a quick due diligence kickstart.  This quick and easy to use online tool is perfect for a self-driven pre-diligence.  

Who uses it:

  • Startups preparing for investment
  • Investors for due diligence
  • Accelerators who need a screening tool

10 Important Questions for Investors

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ISSAC:MERGE uses patent-pending technology to perform a detailed comparative due diligence of companies proposing merger.

Who uses it:

Acquiring companies use this work as a screening tool and to facilitate integration planning.

Selling companies use this work to prepare for due diligence and to increase their valuation.


ISSAC:CULTURE provides an analysis of a company’s internal cultural alignment.  It reviews 28 elements of culture and provides a risk weighting.

Who uses it:

  • Investors who want to understand the culture of a candidate company before investing
  • Companies who are considering merger needing a cultural due diligence

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ISSAC:DEEP provides a deep dive into a company’s intangible value.  It is backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Who uses it:

  • Investors who want to reduce uncertainty about potential investments
  • Private equity groups who want to improve portfolio management

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