About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe in using the most advanced tools available to reduce uncertainty in management decisions.

Our approach to collecting company data from a variety of sources and using neural networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to make sense of that data is intended to reduce the high risk of failure in mergers and acquisitions.

Our work is intended to strengthen the economy by reducing today’s 50+% failure rate when companies change ownership.

Our Story

The idea behind issac.ai was born in 2014 when our original founders shared their frustration with working on merger and acquisition projects that were ultimately deemed a financial failure.

They observed that the root problem appeared to be decisions being made with too much reliance on financial data and insufficient understanding of the underlying engines that created the revenue. Thus began our quest to  identify the true drivers of success in the M&A space.

Our Core Values

Curiosity and gratitude, naturally!

We are endlessly curious about the key truths that contribute to successful changes in company ownership, about how elements like culture or intangible value make a difference to long term success and about how technology enables us and our clients to make better decisions.

We are grateful for the innovators who came before us to develop the cutting edge technologies that our work builds upon.  We are grateful to all of the thought leaders in the arcane science of merger and acquisition success that provide us points to ponder.  We are grateful to our funding partners who make our work financially possible. We are grateful to our mentors, our coaches and fellow entrepreneurs who continue to share their wisdom.  And last, but never least, we are grateful to the friends who don’t laugh when we wax poetic about intangible value over wine at happy hour.

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