You have a culture problem

You have a culture problem.

That’s a bold statement. I can back it up!

Mary Nash, a Little Rock attorney, declares quite firmly in her advertisements that, “If you have a dollar and two relatives, you need to plan your estate!” As I watched her on TV this week, it hit me that the same is right about company culture. If you have two employees, you need a culture plan.

Psychologist Nathaniel Branden says, “The first step toward change is awareness.”

One of my investment companies took the time this week to review our employee handbook. It became quickly clear we had fallen out of alignment with the words on the page since our last review. Now we are faced with a decision. Either change our culture or change the handbook. Since I feel strongly about the words in the book and my employees feel strongly about their position, this will be interesting.

At,  one of the tools we offer our clients is a cultural analysis. We can testify that every company leader who has used our study has found opportunities to improve alignment in their company culture. The degree of consensus (or more to the point – lack of consensus) about the simplest components of daily business is shocking.

Harvard Business Review, speaking about company culture in an article entitled “The Culture Factor,” submits “The first and most important step leaders can take to maximize its value and minimize its risks is to become fully aware of how it works.” Never has this been truer than in 2020 as we face mounting concerns about cultural bias.

ISSAC:CULTURE has found culture-related opportunities for every company we have tested – giving us the confidence to declare that you have a culture problem, and ISSAC:CULTURE is the first step toward solving it.

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By Alese Stroud